Lakeside Lounge sign


A collection of various branding projects.

Allis PR logo
Allis PR


Ellen Tracy Software logo
Ellen Tracy Software


FAST: Foundation for Academic Standards and Tradition Logo


Federal Coffee logo
Federal Coffee


Federal Films logo
Federal Films


Film Photography Project logo
Film Photography Project


Film Photography Project logo exploration
Film Photography Project, exploration
Hungarian American Music Foundation logo
Hungarian American Music Foundation


Lakeside Lounge logo
Lakeside Lounge


M Fine Lumber logo
M Fine Lumber logo
SmartAsset logo exploration
SmartAsset, exploration


Soho Interiors logo
SoHo Interiors
Spire logo exploration
Spire, exploration


Stinky Minky logo
Stinky Minky


The Scratcher logo
The Scratcher


Voltari logo


voltari logo exploration
Voltari, exploration


Vook logo