Banner Gadgets

When Michael started at IAC, the go-to custom solution was the microsite, but Michael always felt there was something wrong with that model. You build a microsite for the advertiser, but no one knows the site exists. You try to drive user-traffic to the site with banners, but always end up with tons of optimization (translation, lots of free inventory). The “banner gadget” solved all the above problems by taking the functionality of a microsite and putting it into a banner—this way the functionality was in front of the user. How well did this solution work? Very well, with engagement rates of over 15%, directly contributing to closing more than $2.25 million in advertising sales, plus winning nine creative awards, including an OMMA.

Bacardi Mojito Banner Gadget

This OMMA award-winning banner gadget delivered a dynamic, fully integrated, cross-site experience to users from within an ad unit. When users engaged with content in one of the Evite (host a mojito party) or Citysearch (find the best mojito in your area) tabs, they were sent to those sites, where the landing page was roadblocked with Bacardi Mojito branding. On Evite, users could create Bacardi branded invitations to invite friends to their party, further spreading the word about the original Bacardi Mojito.

Visa Go! Date Location Banner Gadget

Using Citysearch listings, Visa sponsored a custom tool that enables users to find the perfect date spot by selecting their market and type of date (takeout, outdoor dining, martini bar, etc). Once preferences were selected, the gadget displayed the suggested location with name and address. In addition, users could click on a link within the gadget to go to Citysearch for more ideas. This banner gadget ran on