About Vook

Publishers Weekly has been testing the platform and it could indeed be a game changer. Craig Morgan Teicher, Publishers Weekly
Very publisher-friendly. Joe Wikert, Chair of Tools of Change/O’Reilly Media
We talked about making it as easy to build an eBook as write a blog post—I think it delivers. Pete Myers, newkindofbook.com
You guys did it, you created WordPress for ebooks. CTO of major news publisher
This is so user-friendly. Author and TED speaker
I really liked the user interface and the process is very intuitive and. Vook user

About SmartAsset

It is one of the best done sites I’ve seen and I wish I had had this site when I purchased my house. Robert Scoble
What is great about the site is its usability. It is simple, looks good and you don’t spend a second trying to figure out where to click Thom Rogers, Hoop.com
Right from the homepage SmartAsset dazzles with its good looks. In fact, while I was using I couldn’t help but think that it looked like an interactive infographic. Dean Sherwin, AppStorm.com

Startup Economics

This is a useful website. Phil Hill
Great, simple cap table tool for Startups… Tom Nora


Michael brought strong leadership to both creative and product management at Vook. His thoughtful designs were often recognized for their ease-of-use overcoming the inherent complexities in ebook creation and publishing. Michael was highly respected by the Engineering team because [of] his open, informed, and agile work style. I look forward to when our paths cross again. Rob Guttman, VP of Engineering, Vook
Michael is a strong creative force, consistently able to balance heavy workloads with a high-level of personal attention to crucial details. Nothing escapes his comprehensive understanding of process. He can take a big picture strategic objective and walk through and execute the complicated individual pieces—long-range thought and daily execution in one—a crucial advantage, particularly in a start-up environment. He‘s also very well versed in the history of design and aesthetics, which means he brings a craftsman‘s eye to his work. Matthew Cavnar, VP of Business Development, Vook
He is certainly a pioneer of sorts in eBook creation. He‘s designed a tool that is both easy to use and incredibly useful. I‘ll always remember Michael as someone who powers through obstacles to churn out an excellent product. Michelle Thayer, Product Designer, Vook
He is a great UI/UX designer and creative director, and has been absolutely invaluable in building the Vook platform into a world class product. Omar Niazi, Front End Developer, Vook
Working with Michael was wonderful for two reasons. First he always demonstrated a deep care for the users and the product. This kept us engineers happy as we were building something that was well thought out. Second, he listened and responded/acted as a team player. We were all very confident of the product we put out because of this wonderful collaboration… Amanuel Tewolde, Senior Software Architect, Vook
Michael is an extremely knowledgeable web design professional. While his title is “creative” and there is no question he delivers exceptional ideas and brings strong design sensibilities to the equation, his greatest asset is his ability to quickly synthesize multiple types of information or criteria (marketing need, technological possibilities, user experience, brand integrity, critical metrics, design) and deliver a concept that satisfies all stakeholders in a project. And his grasp of the underlying technologies that make these concepts possible has always been humbling for me. Noelley, Vice President, Marketing & Sales Development, IAC Advertising
Michael is the most creative and talented person I have had the pleasure to work with in the digital industry. I have worked with over 30 different creative agencies throughout my career and Michael is the best by far. He is a very strategic thinker who is able to deliver amazing creative ideas that meet the client’s objectives. I appreciated his patience and commitment to help implement my ideas when neither of us were sure it was a possibility. He never once let me down and always found a solution. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Michael again in the future. Carlyn Morris, Director of Sales Development, Central and Northwest, IAC Advertising
Michael Calleia is the rare blend of creative talent and savvy business manager. He understands how to balance business objectives with creative desires. Michael’s design style is clean, sophisticated and modern. He is able to translate vague concepts into, dynamic and compelling creative executions. Sharon Harris, Vice President of Marketing, IAC Advertising
Michael also developed an entirely new product which could be customized to best meet the needs of the client. This was a popular and versatile product which was sold to a number of advertisers across various verticals. Laurie King, Custom Solutions Manager, IAC Advertising
I’ve worked with Michael for more than 7 years. He has an amazingly creative mind, is always willing to innovate and pushes all possible boundaries, encouraging his team to go further and try new, more effective and professional solutions. Michael never stops when problems arise, he is always involved in every step of the process, helping in the frontline of every project. A true leader, with an ace up his sleeve. He is always up-to-date with new trends and technologies, not only in design but also in advertising, art, photography and web development, we really learned a lot from him. Michael’s work is top-quality, he is such a professional, extremely generous and an exceptionally good person, with great personal values. I look forward to working with Michael for many more years in the future. Alberto A. Langton, Founder/Partner, Optima
Michael embodies elegant and sophisticated design-style, business smarts and sense of urgency that made working with him nothing but terrific and successful. Justyn Makarewycz, Marketing Manager, PlanetOut
During our time together at OUT&ABOUT, I was always impressed with Michael’s design work. He evolved the publication forward using extremely limited resources, and gave it new life. Sean Timberlake, Editor, OUT&ABOUT; Senior Producer

Awards and Press


  • Webby Awards, Financial Services/Banking, Honoree for SmartAsset.com
  • Midas Awards, Midas Certificate
  • DPAC Awards Finalist for Best Use of Rich Media
  • OMMA Awards Finalist for Integrated Online Campaign, Finance
  • OMMA Awards Winner for Standard, Flash or Rich Media Banner
  • OMMA Awards Finalist for Best Advertising/Promotion Website/Microsite campaign
  • American Center for Design 100 Show
  • AIGA Objects of Design, two pieces won and are in the permanent collection of the AIGA


  • MediaPost, MediaCreativity
  • OMMA Magazine
  • Gothamist.com
  • Print
  • Communication Arts
  • New York Times