Designer walking down a hallway carrying a back pack to go and see for themselves.

You’re Doing it Wrong if You Don’t Go and See For Yourself

There is nothing truer than Genchi Genbutsu (the Lean concept of “go and see” or “go and see for yourself”) and GOOB (Steve Blank’s wisdom to “Get Out of the Building,” and echoed in Lean Startup methodology).

Taiichi Ohno, one of the creators of the Toyota Production System, is credited as the originator of the concept of Genchi Genbutsu. According to Eric Ries in Lean Startup, when Lean practitioners in Japan were asked what was the most important principle of Lean, Genchi Genbutsu was cited over and over. Genchi Genbutsu is sometimes Westernized to “Get your boots on.”

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abstract photo of spiraling light trails

Beware, the Technology Sales Death Spiral

Learning people’s needs is how I earn my bread and butter, it is how I build products they want and creating brands they can connect with. But in my travels, I’ve worked with a lot of sales people. Heck, I’ve done sales, having to sell what I, and my agency, can do for customers.

There is one pattern I’ve witnessed that all technology sales people should be aware of and beware. Let me explain by telling a little tale.

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