The Key to Programmatic Performance: Optimize Your Creative

Modern ad technology, data science and artificial intelligence allow us to constantly improve targeting and optimization. However, it’s fascinating how rarely, even in this age of data science, we use our analytic prowess to inform and optimize the creative we serve.

We know that creative factors into performance, And we know that we cannot expect automated systems alone to correct and achieve what should be our top priorities: fostering engagement and eliminating waste. But we are missing clear methods and strategies for using data to make our creative better—more personalized, relevant and effective.

After all, creative is at the very core of how consumers perceive personalization—it’s what engages us, or falls flat, based on strength and appropriateness of images, copy and interactivity.  Well-made ads served thoughtlessly to the wrong person and poorly crafted ads served to the right person result in the same things: lack of engagement and waste.  Read the full post on The Makegood