Embracing the Test: How to Make a Pilot Campaign Pay Off

If you are on the agency or ad tech side, you are familiar with the “pilot campaign.” We’ve all gotten requests to test the waters with our products and services before engaging in a full campaign or longer term commitment. Marketers often request tests as a means to compare vendors or to try out new technologies and media they view as unproven. The pilot is a necessary step, but without proper planning, it will yield results that muddy the waters on the best ways to move forward or maximize KPIs. Frequently, the proposed campaign length or spend allocation is too light to evaluate significance, or too little attention is given to defining what the key metrics of success will be.

Running a test that is not well thought out, too small, or lacking clear goals is an inefficient use of time, energy and dollars. It’s a waste for the marketer, agency and supplier. So, how do you run a test that is worth everybody’s time and resources? Perhaps the best way is to start by recognizing that pilots are an investment in a learning opportunity and not just a box to check. Additionally, creating a truly educational and beneficial pilot requires upfront investment—nothing ventured, nothing gained for anyone. Read the full post on The Makegood